McKnight Soccer

Volunteer With Us Today!

Volunteers are honestly the key to the success of McKnight Soccer.

There are many reasons to volunteer with us – least of which is that you save $80 on your child’s registration fee – but none is greater than to support the children in your community. We, as a village, need more people adding their value to their lives, supporting them, encouraging them, and teaching them. 

It’s not as hard as you might believe. You’ll be surrounded by parents, volunteers, and like minded individuals all learning how to support McKnight Soccer and the kids involved. So don’t fret about what you can’t do and recognize what you can! 

Also, what else are you going to do on a Tues/ Thurs night? 


A friendly, recreational program to learn and work on soccer skills


Meet families in and around your community

Giving Back

Give back to your community by volunteering and supporting your child's soccer team


A supportive organization that is here to answer all of your questions

Volunteer Positions

What fun and interesting volunteer positions can you participate in with McKnight Soccer? Oooh, the possibilities are endless, however, here’s a quick list of the positions parents can take on to support their child(ren) and McKnight Soccer!

  • Coaches & Assistant Coaches (40 required in total)
  • Team Parents
  • Picture Day & Coordinator Assistant
  • Trophy & Photo Package Team
  • Wind-up Party Coordinator & Committee
  • Wind-up Party Assistant
  • Inventory Equipment Assistant
  • Coaches Dinner Assistants


Have questions or curious about next steps, please contact the Volunteer Coordinator at coordinator@mcknightsoccer.ca.

Thank you for volunteering and making a difference to the children in the communities!

McKnight Soccer

Volunteer Coaching/ Assistant

Coaching? You’ve never coached before, what makes us believe you should be in charge of a team of kids learning to play soccer? Because we got your back and you want a fun challenge! We have resources, coaches clinics, meeting, and even dinners to make it incredibly enjoyable. 

 Coaching is a vital volunteer position for McKnight Soccer! Parents volunteering for the various coaching and assistant coaching positions form the foundation of the our organization and without them we legitimately would not be able to provide this fun and healthy sport for the children.

 As our volunteer coaches and assistant coaches commit the most volunteering time and effort throughout the soccer season, we recognize and thank them by hosting a Coaches Appreciation Dinner during the first weekend of June.

Become a coach or assistant coach and become part of the foundation of recreational soccer for children to enjoy!


Coaching Clinics

In mid April, before the season begins, two free coaching clinics will take place to assist our parent volunteers.

 The first beginner session will be directed to the parents who have little or no experience coaching the various age groups and will teach them the fundamentals of soccer with fun and simple games. The second intermediate session is intended for the parents who require more advanced techniques to assist them with more skillful players.

 All volunteer coaches and assistant coaches are encouraged to attend one or both sessions.

Coaches Meeting

Prior to the start of the soccer season, a coaches meeting will be held to discuss the strategies of coaching, the experiences within the various age groups, and above all to have fun, enjoy the experience and enjoy the game!

The coaches will also receive their team jerseys for distribution at the first game.

Coaching Resources

Prior to the start of the 2021 soccer season, a Coaches Meeting will be held to educate the coaches on the experience with the various age groups and their expectations.

Click here for the McKnight Coaches Information (TBD)

This information gives the coach an idea of the child‘s behavior and the coaches expectations. It also indicates the field and team sizes, practice/game/substitution times and refereeing expectations.

Click here for Canadian Soccer Association Player Development

This information gives more detailed information as to the expectations from the players in the different age groups.

This is a summary of the various coaching references (hyperlinked to Youtube) for each age group to assist you in strategizing your practices. These are just a few ideas, there are many other videos available that you can utilize so feel free to use your imagination. 

We provide coaching resources which are available online to further reinforce the coaches confidence and develop their skills. The resources are supplied by the age groups which are located on the links to the right.