Frequently Asked Questions

You can register right here on our website as soon as registration opens on February 1st!

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Coaching is a vital volunteer position for McKnight Soccer. Without parents volunteering for coaching positions, we would not be able to provide this fun and healthy recreational sport for the children.

 We recognize and thank the volunteer coaches and assistant coaches by hosting a coaches appreciation dinner during the season.  Become a coach and be part of the foundation of the sport for your children to enjoy!

No. We operate as a Society within the Province of Alberta which is similar to non-profit companies, and must direct any profits back into fulfilling the objectives of McKnight Soccer. 

None of our members, volunteers, or board of directors profit financially from McKnight Soccer. It is purely a desire to create a positive and healthy activity for the children in our communities. 

This is why we always chat about volunteers 🙂 

Before the season begins, two free coaching clinics will take place to assist the parents. The first session will be directed at the parents who have little or no experience coaching the various age groups and will teach them the fundamentals of the game with fun and simple games.

The second session is intended for the parents who require more advanced techniques to assist them with more skillful players. All volunteer coaches and assistant coaches are encouraged to attend one or both sessions.

In addition, throughout the season, we will have resources available online to further reinforce the coaches confidence and skills.

We understand the desire to purchase cleats and make the experience that much more immersive for your children, however, our intended is to provide a fun and safe environment (not necessarily a competitive atmosphere).

This is why we’ve chosen to ensure the safety of children in the younger age groups is top priority (Yes, the kids get hurt with cleats. Yes, it happens every year. Yes, it’s not just one child), as well as keeping the cost of the game affordable for all families.

Cleats are only optional for the older children in the U12-U14 age group.

We try to accommodate that children play on their friend‘s team however logistically we do not have the capability to accomplish this all the time.

The main focus is ensuring that the teams are evenly numbered and families with multiple children are playing on the same field.

McKnight Soccer has two fields for our young players from U4 to U10, North Haven and Cambrian Heights, and Highwood for the older players in U12-U14.

When multiple siblings are registered from one family, we will ensure that the younger players all play on the same field for each game.

The team coach is responsible for making the call on the weather. If the coach does cancel the game, either the coach or the team manager will contact the parents and the other team‘s coach.

Please note that the weather in Calgary can change within the hour and coaches may elect to play regardless. If the coach does not cancel the game, it is the parent‘s responsibility to ensure that the player is dressed appropriately for the game.

We do!

McKnight Soccer participates in the KidSport program which assists families facing financial barriers by funding their children so they can participate in registered sport programs.

If you require financial assistance for your child(ren) to participate in McKnight Soccer, you can easily apply here!

Please Note: To complete the KidSport application, we will have to work together:

  1. YOU | To complete the Section 2: Sport Organization of the KidSport application, you must send us a PDF copy of each KidSport application you will be making to registration@mcknightsoccer.ca
  2. US | We will verify your registration prior to completing the Club Signature section of their application.
  3. US | Once we’ve verified your registration, we will you with information to complete and submission to KidSport.
  4. YOU | Now you can complete the KidSport application


Please submit your KidSport application as soon as possible as it requires 30 days for review once the application is received.

The KidSport financial assistance only covers the registration costs for each player and does not cover the following:

  • Non-volunteer fee (NVF)
  • Fee associated with not honoring your volunteer commitments 
  • Community membership fee


We understand being busy and/ or not in a position to offer time you do not have. If you cannot volunteer, there is a Non Volunteer Fee of $80.00 per family to help us support the season.

If however, you choose to volunteer but do not honour your position, the fee becomes $160 which must be paid at the beginning of the next season.

These fees are an unfortunate necessity. We are also volunteers and gain no financial benefit from our positions, we only ask the same from those who participate in making McKnight Soccer affordable for everyone.


We serve the 5 communities that make up McKnight Soccer and it is with their support that we operate within their neighbourhoods. Your $15 or $20 membership helps your community association plan events, especially for kids!

You can register for membership within your community below: