Introducing our 2023 Board of Directors!

We're excited to announcement McKnight Soccer's new Board of Directors for the 2023 season!

After 10 years of dedication and support to McKnight Soccer, Claudio Rojas, has bid us farewell as he begins the next stage of his life in Kelowna. His love for the communities under our umbrella gave us one of the best recreational co-ed soccer leagues in Calgary, to take the reigns now and begin a new chapter is an honour.

We will continue to keep this league well-organized, fun, and affordable to the families who trust us to provide important skills and memories to their child's lives. This trust is not lost on us, and we are grateful.

Incoming Directors

Here are the following incoming members of your board:

  • President | Brandon Cadman
  • Vice-President | Dario Hudon-Verrelli
  • Registrar | Dana Moffit
  • Secretary | Corinne Sefton

Outgoing Directors

We are thankful to the following individuals for their time, skills, and willingness to making McKnight Soccer a great league. You made us better!

  • Outgoing President | Carlos Rojas
  • Outgoing Vice-President | Brandon Cadman
  • Registrar | Jennifer Neil
  • Treasurer | Kelly Tees

Continuing Directors

We are fortunate to have the continued service of the following directors to help guide this new chapter in McKnight Soccer's history:

  • Advertising Coordinator | Nicole Toupin-Flatt
  • Equipment Coordinator | Justin Elton

Vacant Director Positions

As with every change in an organization's changing of the guard, we have vacancies that we would love to fill with those whose skills and appreciation for community make us even better. If you're curious about the responsibilities within each board of director's position, just click here, and if you know someone who would be a great fit, please have them reach out to us via our contact page here.

We honestly CANNOT run this ship as smoothly as it does without steady volunteers guiding it. So consider volunteering, ask us questions, don't be shy. It's a lot more fun and fulfilling than you imagine, and why not go all in as a soccer parent ;)


  1. Attend all board meetings (max 4 - 6 meetings/year)
  2. Manage all finances including Director’s & Officer’s and liability insurance for the MSC
  3. Prepare and present updated budget report prior to each board meeting and year-end summary
  4. Liaise with all vendors/service providers for payments
  5. Verify community memberships, existing & required, by liaising with Registrar & all five (5) community association membership contacts
  6. Issue payment to community associations for community memberships

Soccer Coordinator

  1. Attend all board meetings (max 4 - 6 meetings/year)
  2. Create game schedule for the season
  3. Review and confirm field renewals with City of Calgary permits for all games including tournament (if required)
  4. Arrange and manage port-o-potties at Cambrian, North Haven and Colonel Irvine fields
  5. Arrange and manage temporary shed at North Haven Community Hall
  6. Liaise with required vendors/service providers for products & services and forward to Treasurer for payment
  7. Liaise with President/VP to book Cambrian field and trainor for coaches clinics
  8. Liaise with Volunteer Coordinator and assist with scheduling/booking halls for all soccer events including Coaches Meeting, Photo Night, Coaches Dinner, Windup Party (when required)
  9. Submit budget for next fiscal year to Treasurer at first annual board meeting

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